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A Successful Digital Marketing Plan That Might Work For You


Whether you are a novice or an expert at online marketing, you likely use several digital marketing techniques. The various strategies that fall under this heading will include PPC advertising, CPA marketing, SEO marketing, and content marketing to name a few. It can become very overwhelming trying to implement all of these marketing strategies, especially if you are an individual or a small company trying to find your way. Some people will recommend only doing one of these at a time, but in doing so, it may take you far too long to figure out which campaigns are working best for your business. Here is a successful digital marketing plan that you may want to consider doing if you are having some difficulty deciding on which marketing strategy will work the best.

Start With Social Media Marketing

Facebook has recently posted that they now have over 2 billion active users. Although none of us will be able to approach all of these users, it is reasonable to assume that you can target a large demographic audience that may be interested in what you are selling. You will want to create a Facebook page, one showcasing your company, and you will post both information and offers on your newsfeed. To build this up, you will do a "like" campaign, which is similar to creating an autoresponder list. Every time that you make a post, this will show up in every follower's newsfeed. This method is one of the best ways to get automatic results because of how quickly you can generate a post and have it seen.

Do A Search Engine Optimization Campaign

You will likely have a website which is showcasing and selling the products that you are marketing. These will be on your main website. There will be individual pages for each of the products that you are selling online. You will want to optimize each one of the pages individually. To accelerate the process, you will create a YouTube video channel and multiple videos that are targeting keywords related to your business. These will then rank on their own once they are live, and then you can embed that video code on pages targeting the same keyword phrase. You will get some initial traffic the first few days from the videos that will rank very quickly. Your pages will be next to follow. The videos will help the pages rank higher than they normally would by embedding the code.

Finish With A PPC Campaign

This third step is optional because it can be the most expensive. It can be very costly if you are also using CPA offers for marketing purposes. Many people will post advertisements on Google and Facebook using the pay per click networks that they have available just to test different ads to see which one is converting the best. Although you could use this for testing purposes, once you have several campaigns that are generating more sales than the cost of advertising, you will then keep that running. The money will automatically keep coming into your bank account week after week, but this can only happen if you do testing to find out which offers and ads are converting.

By using these three digital marketing strategies, you will be able to attract hundreds or even thousands of new visitors every month. This digital marketing plan is designed to get people off to a positive start, and also get results within a matter of hours. The web pages that you post will rank on their own, and may shortly begin to provide sales. If you choose to use a PPC campaign on Facebook or Google, this will help you understand which keywords are converting the best, and this can help you build additional pages on your website that will rank and also lead to sales.